Sofi Service Agent Assistant for ServiceNow provides a non-disruptive quick time to value for customers through seamless integration with ServiceNow. resolves common calls whilst providing contextually relevant knowledge as and when needed.

Intelligent Assistant: is a virtual agent supporting omni-channel interaction including chat, messaging and voice. interacts with customers to help them resolve their query. If a solution can’t be found, logs a call with the appropriate team and includes all the relevant information from the interaction.

Intelligent Response and Routing: Accelerates call logging and resolution by providing contextual suggestions and automated actions based on analysis of historical interactions achieved through seamless integration with ServiceNow.

Intelligent Search: provides enterprise-wide semantic search that understands intent of a query providing more relevant knowledge to enable issues to be resolved faster.


Don’t get stuck in the now. Soapbox is the only native AI, service management platform that has natural language processing built in from the start.
Perfect for businesses that are – Smart. Simple. Better.

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