Who is Sofi.ai ?

For years organisations have outsourced the Service Desk in an effort to reduce costs and mange the issues of an expanding service portfolio. Gradually we have seen a return to in-sourcing Service Desks to regain customer intimacy and business knowledge. However the challenges of the past remain - high staff churn, inconsistent service experience and high costs to deliver 24x7 support.

The recent rise of chatbots, artificial intelligence powered automation, and cognitive search has changed everything.

Sofi is a multi-platform Enterprise Virtual (Intelligent) Assistant that leverages machine intelligence and cognitive search to assist service agents and end users (customers or employees) to fulfill requests, provide answers and automate repetitive tasks.

Sofi works to deflect issues from coming into the Service Desk by providing customers with contextually relevant knowledge or routing issues and requests automatically to the most appropriate team.

Virtual Agent
Sofi is a virtual agent for ServiceNow that engages with customers through an omni-channel (chat, messaging, voice, etc ) conversational interaction to resolve issues without human intervention. Tight integration with ServiceNow, enables personalised, data-driven conversational flows that include the ability to update ServiceNow records and initiate automations.

Service Agent Assistant
Sofi augments Service Agents by providing contextual-relevant semantic knowledge searching, and predictive recommendations and actions to reduce the mean time to resolution for issues whilst improving process consistency.

Self Service Assistant

Sofi.ai acts as your virtual agent (Chatbot) supporting omni-channel interaction with your customers including chat, messaging and voice.

Sofi.ai interacts with customers to help resolve their queries. If a solution can’t be found, Sofi.ai logs a call with the appropriate team and includes all the relevant information from the interaction.

Sofi.ai is the only Chatbot technology that is seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow, providing secure, bi-directional integration. Sofi.ai has been designed to be secure, fast, and has minimal impact on the performance of the ServiceNow instance.

Intelligent Prediction

Integrating seamlessly with ServiceNow, Sofi accelerates call logging and resolution by providing contextual suggestions and automated actions based on our predictive analysis of past and current record.

Using machine learning Sofi is trained based on the historical records in your ServiceNow system. Sofi uses supervised learning to continue to evolve and fine tune predictions based on every interaction with her human counterparts.

In high-volume service environments, seconds matter. Sofi accelerates call logging and resolution by provided suggested responses based on the contextual understanding of the current interaction.


Intelligent Search

Sofi provides enterprise-wide semantic search that understands that intent of a query providing more relevant knowledge to enable issues to be resolved faster

Sofi provides customers and support teams with contextually relevant solutions and information where and when it’s needed.

Sofi delivers a new level of customer engagement on the ServiceNow Service Portal by providing a more natural, flexible interaction. Sofi can direct customers to knowledge, service catalogue items, and guide a customer to complete complex forms.


Improve Productivity and Delight Customers


Reduce Incorrect Assignments


Improve Call Handling Time


Decrease Service Desk Calls


Higher Productivity


Increase Customer Satisfaction


Boost Self Service Resolution

You could be running Sofi.ai in your organisation today

Fits any budget

Fits any budget an AI solution that delivers business benefits on a budget


Non-disruptive easy live integration no down time required


Non-intrusive easy-to-use interface that won’t distract your agents


Intuitive Simple to use interface and integrated help increases user adoption rate

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment Sofi.ai is trained and learns by ingesting your historical records

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning Sofi.ai dynamically learns and improves based on feedback

Ready to empower ServiceNow with AI?

Coming SoonSofi.ai for Salesforce

Sofi for Salesforce will deliver our Intelligent Automation and Intelligent Assistant capabilities to Salesforce.com. We are currently in development on this exciting new offering and will shortly be seeking organisations that are interested in trialing Sofi.ai in their environments. If you interested in empowering Salesforce and your customer service organisation with Intelligent Automation, please use the link below to register your interest.

Register your interest

How to get started with Sofi.ai

Sofi starts by ingesting your historical records, teaching herself about how your organisation classifies, routes and resolves issues. Feedback is continuously captured to help improve her understanding and the accuracy of her suggestions. Key Performance Indicators provide valuable insights into Sofi.ai’s efficiency and effectiveness.

1 Train Sofi with historical data

Sofi starts by ingesting your historical records, learning about how your organisation classifies, routes and resolves issues. Our innovative technology enables training on millions of records in hours not weeks or months.

2 Analyse and Optimise

A review and analysis of the data and results provides an opportunity to optimise Sofi.

3 Improve Accuracy

Sofi begins providing predictions for internal knowledge workers whose feedback begins to validate and improve the core training data.

4 Self Service Deployment

Sofi deployed to Self Service (and Email) to resolve issues automatically routing the issues to the appropriate team.

5 Learn in real time

Feedback from agents is continuously captured to help improve Sofi’s understanding of your environment and the accuracy of her suggestions.

6 Analyse Metrics

Key Performance Indicators provide valuable insights into Sofi’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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