Soapbox Native AI platform is able to handle request management with integration to back end systems like Workday to automate common requests like “How much annual leave to do I have available?” or “How do I schedule my staff orientation program?”

The open nature of our platform also means that building applications specific to your needs is something that is easily configured. Reduce training time with semantic (natural language) search across enterprise knowledge sources including MS SharePoint, Confluence and Google Docs, to provide the employees with the right information at the right time.

Adopting Soapbox also means less time sifting through repetitive actions that come with on and off boarding, for example. And more time to focus on the actual high-value, people oriented functions that benefits your organisation and staff.

Benefits of Soapbox for HR

Process Today Soapbox – The Future
HR Case – Call Capture, Classification and Routing Agents decides on who best to resolve issue, issue is consistency, accuracy Soapbox extracts intent and entity to understand the issue, accurately classifying and assigning improving efficiency and time to resolution.
HR  – Knowledge Searching Agents uses keyword to search Service Desk knowledge base Soapbox federates knowledge across the enterprise, providing the agent with in-process access to the contextual relevant knowledge
HR Case – Action Automation Agents ‘swivel chairs’ to secondary console to take actions to investigate and resolve issues. Soapbox present agents with predictions on automated actions that can be performed to help resolve an issue – suggest as password reset or unlocking accounts.
HR Case – Process Governance Manual checklists are implemented to instruct agents on issue resolution process with no compliance or governance monitoring. Soapbox detects that a process needs to be followed, and provides the agent with interactive guidance on the best way to resolve the issue or request.
HR Case – Resolution Time MTTR > 5 min MTTR < 90 sec
HR Case – First Call Resolution Rate <50% – dependent on experience of agent. >80% – consistently across the support team, irrespective of agent experience.
Self Service Resolution Portal adoption low. Keyword-based searching fails to find the answers. Customers resort to logging generic call with Service Desk. Search-first portal design philosophy supported by:

– virtual agent to guide the customer

– intelligent search to find the most appropriate answer
If an answer can be found, intelligent call logging routes the query to the correct team with context of the customers interaction with the virtual agent.



Don’t get stuck in the now. Soapbox is the only native AI, service management platform that has natural language processing built in from the start.
Perfect for businesses that are – Smart. Simple. Better.

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