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The future of Service Management in the age of AI – webinar series

In this webinar, we will introduce the Soapbox intelligent service management platform and demonstrate our integration with ServiceNow to increase ServiceNow self-service automated resolution and augment service agents to reduce the mean time to resolution. We will explain why you should consider Soapbox over the ServiceNow Virtual Agent and Agent Intelligence features that only are […]


Don’t get caught out when costing up ServiceNow HR case management and custom apps

Sofi Integrating ServiceNow and Soapbox – This video demonstrates how ServiceNow customers who are finding the licensing cost for building custom applications too high, can deploy applications like HR Case management on the Soapbox platform and provide a single point of access from the ServiceNow service portal and or the Sofi Virtual Agent.


S2:E2: Part 5/5 – Soapbox Demonstration Series – Handling a request it has never seen before

There’s a first time for everything. However, Soapbox is heuristic. Self-learning is the key to how Soapbox handles predictions. The more agents handle similar requests the quicker Soapbox learns. This all happens in the course of day to day operations without the need to stop to retrain and reconfigure the system. Without the need for […]


S2:E2: Part 4/5 – Soapbox Demonstration Series – Not just for ITSM – HR apps are shipped as standard

Automating HR functions are also something that Soapbox does very well. For HR, common issues such as leave balance or pay-slip requests are handled seamlessly without any human input via natural language. In fact, Soapbox is well suited to automate any repetitive workplace request is varied areas such as fleet or facility management.


S2:E2: Part 3/5 – Soapbox Demonstration Series – Predicting knowledge and automated actions

Shifting left is something that a lot of service desk managers are under pressure to achieve. The Soapbox platform is created to reduce uncertainty for new agents by using existing knowledge to serve up the right answers at the right time. Intelligent prediction paired with automated actions is proven to increase first contact resolution rates.


S2:E2 Part 2/5 – Soapbox Demonstration Series – Automating common requests and repetitive tasks

Providing for guest wi-fi access is great one that Sofi on the Soapbox Platform can totally automate. From generating a password to revoking access when the time allowed for the session has expired. Password resets are another common requests. For example, if your SAP session is locked, Soapbox is able to troubleshoot the nature for […]


S2:E2 Part 1/5 – Soapbox Demonstration Series – A day in the life of a major incident

Logging a major incident like an the VPN going down and what happens post escalation. Even if the service desk agent has never seen this issue before, Soapbox is able to prompt the agent when a new incident service request is logged. Attaching users affected by the incident and communicating with all of them simultaneously […]


S2:E2 – FULL – The Soapbox Platform Demonstration Series

Where the rubber meets the road – Paul Heath, VP of Product Marketing puts the Soapbox Intelligent ITSM Platform through its paces. In this multi-part episode, we look at how a true AI based platform handles the following: A day in the life of a major incident 1:45 Automating common requests and repetitive tasks 10:35 […]


S2:E1 – The Soapbox Platform – The first viable alternative to ServiceNow

We all know that ServiceNow is a great tool for fortune 2000 companies. However, ServiceNow is not a fit for an increasing number of customers. Customers cite the high cost and complexity. Plus, the need to drive intelligent automation. There is no alternative that can deliver a scalable platform to drive work across the organisation. […]


S1:E5 Get value from ServiceNow – Busting the Myths of Implementing AI.

AI is often seen as difficult to integrate and a nightmare to set up. From being cost prohibitive, to requiring lots of intensive data and needing expensive specialist help to implement. Well, it may be true of some systems (where there is smoke, there is fire) but as far as Sofi for ServiceNow goes…it’s not. […]


S1:E4 Get value from ServiceNow – Reduce the high-cost of Agent on-boarding.

Organisations spend a lot of time, effort and money in staff training. This is in an effort to maintain consistent and efficient delivery and capability across the business. In a service desk scenario, clients might not always get the best outcome nor the most consistent. This is largely attributed to service-desk staff experience. If you […]


S1:E3 Get value from ServiceNow – Use Intelligent Search to find what you’re looking for.

A lot of organisations have spent a lot of money on their System of Record (i.e. ServiceNow). However, they are still not seeing the benefits that these systems promise. In our last two episodes, we talked about self service adoption and first contact resolution rates. We also talked about why they are lower than most […]


S1:E2 Get value from ServiceNow – Increase first contact resolution rates (Level 1)

Increasing first contact resolution rates is a major KPI for most Service Desk managers. Fortunately, this is something that is easily fixed by increasing accuracy and serving up the right answers first time. Easier said than done? Watch as Mark, our host and Paul Heath, Co-Founder and VP of Product Marketing put Sofi for ServiceNow […]


S1:E1 Get value from ServiceNow – Increase self-service via the ServiceNow Service Portal (Level 0)

A common trend is that a lot of organisations have invested very heavily in self-service portals for customers and staff in a bid to reduce the workload on their service-desks. That investment also tends to come with a plan to reduce reliance on call-centres and to increase productivity by shifting left. Unfortunately, users often struggle […]


Soapbox – Smart. Simple. Better. The intelligent service management platform for better business.

46% of businesses have say they have reached breaking point from the sheer deluge of work requests. Reports from industry indicate that their legacy Service Management platforms are struggling to cope. If you’re one of the 46%, here’s the solution. Soapbox is the platform of the future – built with AI from the ground up it is the revolutionary, […]


Slack Integration Sofi Virtual Agent for ServiceNow

Demonstration of Slack integration for ServiceNow. See how Slack is used as a channel to chat with the Virtual Agent for ServiceNow to search for knowledge (both from ServiceNow and other sources such as Sharepoint). Sofi then allows the user to log a ticket (Incident) with ServiceNow.


Webinar: Intelligent service automation for ServiceNow

In this short webinar we demonstrate how the Sofi Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow can automate incident resolution and reduce call volumes while reducing operational costs and delighting customers through new and engaging support channels.

LEARN MORE Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow Demo – Password Reset Automation Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow can help clarify intent and determine the most appropriate information to provide or action to perform. can also integrate with external systems to perform automated actions.

LEARN MORE Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow – HR Termination Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow can assist customers by understanding their needs and directing them to the appropriate resource within the ServiceNow portal.

LEARN MORE Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow HR Demo Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow. In this demo we’ll look at how can query information stored within ServiceNow to determine if a customer’s HR request will be processed in the next pay run.


Sofi Service Agent Assistant for ServiceNow, is the first Intelligent Assistant built specifically for ServiceNow. This video shows how assists Service Agents to capture and respond to incoming calls.

LEARN MORE Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow – Leave Request Demo allows a customer to submit a request in natural language. Sofi extracts the required information from the text and populates the appropriate form in ServiceNow.

LEARN MORE Virtual Agent for ServiceNow – Leave Request Demo can automate the submission of ServiceNow request forms. Here is an example of a natural conversation interaction where Sofi helps someone submit a request for leave.

LEARN MORE Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow – iPhone Ordering Demo

In this video, helps the customer navigate to, and complete a Service Catalogue item for ordering a new iPhone.



Don’t get stuck in the now. Soapbox is the only native AI, service management platform that has natural language processing built in from the start.
Perfect for businesses that are – Smart. Simple. Better.

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