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Sofi Setup

Sofi Setup will walk you through the setup process required to install and configure Sofi on your ServiceNow instance in under 5-minutes. We recommend using a non-production instance of ServiceNow that is a recent clone of your production environment. Sofi supports all current versions of ServiceNow. If you require any assistance during the setup or trial period we are here to help at

After successfully installing Sofi, we need to configure Sofi to learn using your historical data to provide Intelligent Call Classification and Routing predictions. While Sofi provides default configuration as part of the base install, every customer tends to have a different data model. It is important to understand your data and how Sofi can use your data to provide Intelligent Call Classification and Routing predictions.

In addition to Call Classification and Routing prediction, the trial version of Sofi ships with an express version of Sofi Virtual Assistant. Sofi Virtual Assistant provides a number of out the box features, allowing you to experience the benefits of deploying an Intelligent Virtual Assistant to your self service portal.

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Registering for a Sofi Trial

Before installing Sofi on your ServiceNow instance, you will need to register for a free 30 day trial at During the trial registration process you will be provided with a unique API key, it is important you keep this key handy as you will need to paste it in your ServiceNow instance as part of the setup process. The API key allows your ServiceNow instance to connect to your dedicated Sofi instance.

Tip: Copy and paste the API key to your local machine and have it handy during to installation process.  once you have confirmed connectivity to Sofi you no longer require the API key.

Please contact us at if you require a new API key, as we do not store this key.

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Installing Sofi

Installing Sofi on your ServiceNow instance is through a ServiceNow Update Set and associated XML configuration file. The installation of Sofi does not affect exisiting ServiceNow configurations, a complete list of dependancies is available here dependencies.

After registering your Sofi trial, your instance will be available within ~2 minutes. While you wait for the provisioning process to complete you can start the setup process for your ServiceNow instance.

  1. You will need to download the Sofi files, these can be downloaded by clicking here download. A Sofi file will be downloaded, you will need to expand the file, resulting in two files, Sofi Update Set 1.1.1.xml and Sofi Configuration 1.1.1.xml.
  2. First step is to import the Update Set Sofi Update Set 1.1.1.xml. You will need to be logged in as an Admin user in ServiceNow to perform these tasks.
    • Navigate to the ServiceNow menu System >> Update Sets >> Retrieved Update Sets and click on the link – Import Update Set from XML.
    • Select the update set file and click Upload, the update set will appear in the list of retrieved update sets.
    • Open the update set and preview the update set. After you have previewed the update set you need to ensure you commit the update set. Further information on Update Sets can be found here ServiceNow – System Update Sets.
  3. Now that we have loaded Sofi on your ServiceNow instance we need to load Sofi configuration file Sofi Configuration 1.1.1.xml
    • Importing configuration in ServiceNow is done by opening any list view of records, right clicking on any column headings and selecting Import XML at the bottom of the list of options.
    • Select the Sofi configuration file when prompted.
    • Click Upload. Further information can be found here ServiceNow – Import a XML file
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Configuring Sofi

Your Sofi instance is now ready to be connected to your ServiceNow instance. As an Admin user on your ServiceNow instance you will need to perform the following tasks to securely connect your ServiceNow instance to your dedicated Sofi instance.

  1. Navigate to the ServiceNow menu Sofi >> Setup >> Quick Setup
  2. Confirm the Sofi Username is the same as the name you selected when registering your trial, by default this will be your ServiceNow instance name.
  3. Paste the API key you received as part of the trial registration process.
  4. Select save settings, if everything is correct you will receive a notification confirming successful connectivity. If not contact us at
  5. Do not change the Sofi UI version value, this allows us to release new versions regularly for you to test.

Sofi is now connected and ready to be trained.

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Training Sofi

Sofi provides a default configuration for the following items, based on the standard ServiceNow data model:

  • Incident – uses historical Incident records to train Sofi for Intelligent Call Classification and Routing
  • Knowledge – for Knowledge articles to be used for Intelligent Search
  • Catalogue – for Service Catalogue items to be included in Intelligent Search

Note: This default configuration uses the standard ServiceNow data model and will likely require configuration to suit your specific data model i.e. by default uses Short Description, Category, Sub-Category and Assignment group for Incident.

Before Sofi can be used we need train the models, this is done by navigating to the ServiceNow menu Sofi >> Configuration >> Classifiers. Select the Incident Classifier and then click on the Train Classifier link at the bottom Right of the form.

ServiceNow will request confirmation to start the training process, select Ok to start. The duration depends on a number of factors and can take between 20 minutes and a few hours. The Classifier provides a Status field indicating the current state allowing you to confirm when training is complete.

Note: You will need to train each of the Classifiers.

Once you have confirmed the Training process has successfully been completed you are ready to test Sofi. The Sofi Service Agent Assistant is enabled per user using the role sbxai_classification. Before testing be sure to add this role to the user account you will be using for testing.

Note: When adding a role to a user account in ServiceNow you will be required to log out and log back in before the new role will take affect.

With the user roles assigned you can now test Sofi Intelligent Call Classification and Routing by navigating to a new Incident form, you should see Sofi on the right side of this form. This indicates Sofi is ready to start providing intelligent Call Classification and Routing predictions.

As you type in the Short Description, Sofi will dynamically provide predictions for the Call Classification and Routing. In addition to this if you trained the Knowledge classifier, Sofi will also provide the most relevant Knowledge Articles. The top bubble of Sofi indicates the number of predictions found while the bottom bubble indicates the number of relevant Knowledge articles found. Clicking on the bubble will display the available options.

Congratulations, Sofi is ready to be enjoyed, ENJOY.

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Security FAQ

Q: What is the communication between the ServiceNow instance and the Sofi instance?

A: All communication between your ServiceNow instance and the Sofi backend is over secure SSL, using token based authentication. Communication to Sofi is IP Address limited to only accepts request from ServiceNow.

Q: Is the data encrypted at rest?  

A: Yes, all customer data is encrypted at rest.

Q: Do you conduct independent 3rd party penetration testing and security assessments?

A: Soapbox performs regular penetration testing by external 3rd party security specialist.

Q: Are you datacentre ISO27001 certified?

A: Yes, we only user IS0270001 certified datacentres.

Q: What ServiceNow data is used by Sofi?

A: Sofi requires historical data to train our predictive natural language classifiers. For Incident records, the data required is typically limited to Short Description, Category, Sub-Category and Assignment group. For Intelligent Search, selected knowledge articles are required. Sofi does not pull any data from your ServiceNow instance. Your ServiceNow Administrator controls which fields (data) you would like to use and initiates the training process. All of this is done via the ServiceNow interface.

Q: Can you redact data like credit card numbers prior to sending to Sofi?

A: Yes, Sofi provides the ability to pre-process using regex prior to synchronising the data.

Q: Do you enforce ServiceNow security when displaying knowledge articles i.e. limit visibility based on security in ServiceNow?

A: Yes, Sofi passes all requests through ServiceNow prior to displaying results. Sofi has been architected to allow ServiceNow to control security permissions. Sofi passes all requests via ServiceNow.

Q: What happens to my data at the end of my trial period?

A: All customer data is deleted at the end of the trial period, this includes any configuration changes that may have been made during the trial. The trial environment is then decommissioned. This does mean if you wish to extend your trial you need to contact us prior to the trial end date and request an extension.

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