About us

How is Soapbox different?

We build intelligent solutions that have the power to elevate your people from the mundane work that frustrates and impacts productivity. By reducing or eliminating low-complexity, repetitive tasks we seek to free them to engage in high-value, problem solving activities.

Work – Smart. Simple. Better.

Many organisations still employ outdated forms-based workflow systems which are inefficient and manual task based. These systems are almost entirely reliant on human attention to manage work. Adopting Soapbox will change the way your organisation captures, manges and accesses vital institutional knowledge.

You will have the power to extend Soapbox to implement any forms-based workflow requirements onto a single system of record, all of which leverage the native AI capability of our platform. Also, upgrades to the platform are seamless and non-disruptive with our built-in One-Click Migration feature.

Soapbox is pioneering the future of Expert Automation and Augmentation Software (EAAS)

Organizations today rely on people to do repetitive tasks, tasks which are well suited to be automated using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. The Service Desk is a good example, people spend significant time handling the same type of calls from different people only to take the same actions to resolve the call.

Free your people by removing mundane, repetitive tasks to empower them to focus on high-value, knowledge creation. Leave it to Soapbox to automate low-value tasks and the mundane at a fraction of the time and cost.

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Dion Williams

Co-Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Dion is a highly regarded professional with 18 years’ experience in founding, managing and growing high tech companies. Dion is inspired by the opportunities to improve business value and customer satisfaction through the introduction of AI-enabled Service Management platforms.

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Paul Heath

Co-Founder/VP Sales and Marketing

Paul is an experienced technology professional with 18 years’ experience in founding and transitioning technology companies to major entities. Paul is passionate about customer success and believes delivering sustainable value for customers is the only way to build a sustainable, prosperous business.

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Neil McKinnon

Chief Product Officer

Neil was a co-founder of Keystone Management Solutions (now DXC Fruition Australia and New Zealand) where he provided technical leadership and business direction. He has long been an advocate and evangelist of cloud delivery of software and this stems from a personal belief that there is always a better way.