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Introducing the first intelligent alternative to ServiceNow

Soapbox brings a system of record, engagement and intelligence together in an AI Platform to help your team to get work better, faster and simpler.

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Key benefits

We have taken a unique approach that allows Soapbox to capture feature-rich training data and automate the resolution of reoccurring tasks.

With a small amount of historical data, Soapbox helps you drive improvements to the most critical service-desk metrics, such as:

87% First-call resolution 12.23%
55% Auto resolution 15.51%
85% Self-service uptake 15.51%
2:30s Mean time to resolution 45s

Meant for the small to medium sized enterprise

There is an increasing number of businesses that are no longer a good fit for the ServiceNow offering. From a cost and complexity perspective, customers are looking for a solution that is neither cost prohibitive or one that requires highly-specialised staff to service and maintain. Soapbox has been designed from the ground up to meet all these requirements head-on.

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