Trial Sofi for ServiceNow

Sofi is the single most cost effective and advanced way to add intelligent automation to ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a great platform - however it is missing some crucial technology that will improve your installation by leaps and bounds

Try today and get more value out of ServiceNow

Our team will get in touch with you within 24h to confirm your interest and arrange a time for the demo.

The trial includes

Service Agent Assistant

Sofi augments Service Agents by providing contextual-relevant semantic searching across your ServiceNow platform, and predictive recommendations and actions to reduce the mean time to resolution for issues whilst improving process consistency.

Virtual Agent

Sofi engages with customers through a conversational interaction to resolve issues without human intervention. Tight integration with ServiceNow, enables personalised, data-driven conversational flows that include the ability to update ServiceNow records and initiate automations.

Imagine being able to reap the benefits of AI-driven automation at the fraction of the cost of any incumbent solution today. It's that easy.

Sofi for ServiceNow is an Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow that provides a non-disruptive, quick time-to-value implementation of intelligent automation through seamless integration with ServiceNow.

Sofi is a proven AI-driven, NLP virtual agent solution that has seen critical adoption in the ServiceNow community for two years now. That's at least two years more than ServiceNow's own offering slated for their yet unavailable Madrid release.

This trial will enable you to experience the immediate benefits of Sofi on your own system using your own data. It'll allow you to validate workflows, free up staff, measure effectiveness and understand where your major efficiency gains are going to come from.

Truly shift left by intelligently automating repetitive tasks. Increase self-service uptake, reduce agent on-boarding costs and most importantly, get natural-language, intelligent federated search capabilities.

For Service Desk managers and owners, this simple installation will only take days, instead of weeks - and it will empower your department with real metrics (from your own data) to make clear business decisions going forward.

Sounds expensive, you say? Rest assured. At Soapbox, we've made a determination from the very beginning that we would not take the route of some of the major players in the market from a value vs cost proposition. In fact, we promise that you'll be pleasantly surprised by our pricing model when you speak to our onboarding team.

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