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In this webinar, we will introduce the Soapbox intelligent service management platform and demonstrate our integration with ServiceNow to increase ServiceNow self-service automated resolution and augment service agents to reduce the mean time to resolution. We will explain why you should consider Soapbox over the ServiceNow Virtual Agent and Agent Intelligence features that only are […]

Sofi Integrating ServiceNow and Soapbox –┬áThis video demonstrates how ServiceNow customers who are finding the licensing cost for building custom applications too high, can deploy applications like HR Case management on the Soapbox platform and provide a single point of access from the ServiceNow service portal and or the Sofi Virtual Agent.

There’s a first time for everything. However, Soapbox is heuristic. Self-learning is the key to how Soapbox handles predictions. The more agents handle similar requests the quicker Soapbox learns. This all happens in the course of day to day operations without the need to stop to retrain and reconfigure the system. Without the need for […]

Automating HR functions are also something that Soapbox does very well. For HR, common issues such as leave balance or pay-slip requests are handled seamlessly without any human input via natural language. In fact, Soapbox is well suited to automate any repetitive workplace request is varied areas such as fleet or facility management.

Shifting left is something that a lot of service desk managers are under pressure to achieve. The Soapbox platform is created to reduce uncertainty for new agents by using existing knowledge to serve up the right answers at the right time. Intelligent prediction paired with automated actions is proven to increase first contact resolution rates.

Providing for guest wi-fi access is great one that Sofi on the Soapbox Platform can totally automate. From generating a password to revoking access when the time allowed for the session has expired. Password resets are another common requests. For example, if your SAP session is locked, Soapbox is able to troubleshoot the nature for […]