Month: March 2019

Where the rubber meets the road – Paul Heath, VP of Product Marketing puts the Soapbox Intelligent ITSM Platform through its paces. In this multi-part episode, we look at how a true AI based platform handles the following: A day in the life of a major incident 1:45 Automating common requests and repetitive tasks 10:35 […]

We all know that ServiceNow is a great tool for fortune 2000 companies. However, ServiceNow is not a fit for an increasing number of customers. Customers cite the high cost and complexity. Plus, the need to drive intelligent automation. There is no alternative that can deliver a scalable platform to drive work across the organisation. […]

AI is often seen as difficult to integrate and a nightmare to set up. From being cost prohibitive, to requiring lots of intensive data and needing expensive specialist help to implement. Well, it may be true of some systems (where there is smoke, there is fire) but as far as Sofi for ServiceNow goes…it’s not. […]

Organisations spend a lot of time, effort and money in staff training. This is in an effort to maintain consistent and efficient delivery and capability across the business. In a service desk scenario, clients might not always get the best outcome nor the most consistent. This is largely attributed to service-desk staff experience. If you […]

A lot of organisations have spent a lot of money on their System of Record (i.e. ServiceNow). However, they are still not seeing the benefits that these systems promise. In our last two episodes, we talked about self service adoption and first contact resolution rates. We also talked about why they are lower than most […]

A common trend is that a lot of organisations have invested very heavily in self-service portals for customers and staff in a bid to reduce the workload on their service-desks. That investment also tends to come with a plan to reduce reliance on call-centres and to increase productivity by shifting left. Unfortunately, users often struggle […]