Month: February 2017 Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow can help clarify intent and determine the most appropriate information to provide or action to perform. can also integrate with external systems to perform automated actions. In the first part of this video, assists a customer that has an issue with logging into a system. Just […]

Service Portals can often become confusing and difficult for customers to navigate. Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow can assist customers by understanding their needs and directing them to the appropriate resource within the ServiceNow portal. can even guide the customer through the completion of the form. In some cases, the form doesn’t […] Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow. can retrieve information stored within ServiceNow to be used within the conversation with the customer. can also create and update information within ServiceNow when action is required to be taken, such as creating an Incident. In this demo we’ll look at how […] provides a non-disruptive quick time to value for customers through seamless integration with ServiceNow. resolves common calls whilst providing contextually relevant knowledge as and when needed. Intelligent Assistant: is a virtual agent supporting omni-channel interaction including chat, messaging and voice. interacts with customers to help them resolve their query. If a […]

The Self Service Intelligent Assistant for ServiceNow allows a customer to submit a request in natural language (speech to text). extracts the required information from the text and populates the appropriate form in ServiceNow. is omni-channel, meaning that this functionality could be delivered via voice (eg IVR), messaging (eg SMS) or via […] can automate the submission of ServiceNow request forms. Here is an example of a natural conversation interaction where Sofi helps someone submit a request for leave.